Commemorative A&O Prayer Booklet -Free Shipping

Commemorative A&O Prayer Booklet -Free Shipping
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This decorative prayer booklet offers a personal guide through the 40 days of prayer challenge. It features:

  • A visually appealing design, marked by the NACM Logo encompassed by the A&O letters.
  • Rich decorative accents flow onto each page.
  • Easy to read layout. The prayer is outlined into single statements -accompanied a flow of thought, and scriptural references.
  • Try-Fold creases makes the booklet naturally folds into only 3.5" -serving as a great bookmark in your Bible.
  • The inside cover features a goal guide designed with 40 cells to help you stay on track using the Seinfeld Strategy. Each day after you finish the A&O prayer, you get to put an X over that day. In a few days you will form a chain of Xs, and you will stay focused on not breaking the chain until the 40 days are finished.

This commemorative booklet will remind you of your journey for years to come.
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